Emilie Hogg Translations


"Emilie approaches her work with a determination to deliver. Her professional pride in meeting the needs of her employer and colleagues always produces work with thoughtful attention to detail. Her command of language, communication skills and positive friendly attitude make her a pleasure to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend Emilie."

Tim Waldram, Balfour Beatty

"Emilie has been living in English speaking countries for many years and is bilingual French-English. She is very dedicated and also studied German while living in Ireland. She likes languages and has very good vocabulary and expresses herself in the best manner in both English and French."

Doriane Alba, SAI Global

"As a charitable organisation, the True Volunteer Foundation relies heavily on the generosity of volunteers to assist with a variety of endeavours, including website translation. In May 2009, Emilie Hogg volunteered through the Charity Choice website to translate our website into French. Not only was I very happy with the timescale of the delivery but I was impressed by the efficiency, attention to detail and level of professionalism demonstrated in this project"

True Volunteer Foundation

"I have known Emilie for the 5 years, we worked together, Emilie in Marketing and myself in Communication. I can testify that she is very dedicated, reliable and customer focused. I recommend her services to anyone that needs English to French Translations as she treats her clients with a great deal of attention."

Cynthia Nolan