Emilie Hogg Translations


English to French Translation

I offer a translation service from English into first-language French. For your reference, here is how I will approach your translation:

  1. Review the project info and brief
  2. Commence terminology research
  3. Translation work (usually 2 – 3 drafts)
  4. Check translation against original
  5. Proofread translation as a standalone text
  6. Deliver to client for approval
  7. Note feedback and amendments for future projects

French Translation Proofreading/Checking

This involves comparing a translated, i.e. French-language document against its original. Where necessary, changes are made to the translated document to address inaccuracies in spelling, punctuation, usage, grammar, as well as inconsistencies in language, or omissions and additions. Minor textual and formatting difficulties are also resolved.

French Language Customer Service

This is aimed at my website clients who wish to commission my services to manage e-mail enquiries from their French speaking users. Coverage includes both pre-sales enquiries (such as product availability and order processing enquiries) and post-sale enquiries (delivery etc). Where an enquiry does require the client’s attention then my service includes the translation of customer e-mails into English and translation of the client’s reply into French. Having translated a clients website I am already familiar with their business and am able to resolve many enquiries autonomously, minimising workload on the clients own customer service personnel.

The value of my service agreement to the client is a great value package compared to sourcing ad-hoc translation work and customer service provision separately and a flexible agreement with no minimum contract period .