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About Emilie

Emilie Hogg

Early life

I am a French citizen born in Vesoul, France. As a child, I travelled a lot, lived in many different cities and acquired a distinct taste for locations further afield. I quickly developed the skills of sociability and flexibility which have been very useful in learning the art of languages.


I have always taken interest in Economics, Trade, and Current Affairs; very eager to understand what makes the world go around; for example what is a Marketing Plan, how to forecast the company sales and what makes a company profitable etc. Studying Business Studies put me at heart of the matter. I was awarded the IPAG Bachelor degree of Business Administration B.B.A having completed a 4 year French state approved program with specialised functional and international programmes in the final year.

I took my interest further in 2013 by joining the Diploma for Graduates in Economics progamme with the University of London and have completed the Microeconomics module.

Sales and Marketing Career

Shortly after graduation, I travelled to Ireland. I was really impressed by how quickly the country was developing; business was booming all over and so was the construction sector. The Celtic Tiger enjoyed 10 years of rapid economic growth, I was there for most of it! I started working in Customer Service providing Service and Technical Support for European Customers and quickly moved into Account Management. I have always worked in a multilingual environment, constantly improving my languages skills in English and French, holding presentations, translating manuals, organising conferences etc. Ireland is also the country where met my British husband, to bring me to where I am now, in the UK. I moved to London at the end of 2005 and worked for 5 years as a Marketing Administrator, writing Sales Reports, Customer Service Reviews, organising events and branding products, etc.

Freelance Translation

My combination of excellent writing skills and wide experience in the field of sales and marketing is a recipe for success in commercial translation. I have recently translated websites and references can be provided on request. I really enjoy the freedom of freelance and work on a daily basis at providing outstanding quality in translation on schedule to my clients.